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Opening order - $125 

Reorder minimum - $60

Greeting Cards - 6 per design

$2.50 wholesale, $5.00 retail

Button Greeting Cards - 5 per design

$3.25 wholesale, $6.50 retail

Postcards - 10 per design

$1.00 wholesale, $2.50 retail

Stickers - 10 per design

4mm Vinyl Stickers - $1.25 wholesale, $2.50 retail

Premium Vinyl Stickers with Satin Finish -

$1.75 wholesale, $3.50 retail. 

Prints - 3 per design

$9.00 wholesale, $18.00 retail


All payment must be received before shipment of items. 


Square, PayPal or check via mail are all accepted. 

Net 30 may be considered after a relationship is developed. 

Lead time & Shipping

Lead time is generally 5-7 business days for in-stock items.

All items are shipped via United States Postal Service unless previously discussed and agreed upon. Shipping is added to the final purchase order and is based on weight of shipment. 

You will be notified, with tracking number, when your order has been shipped. 


Cancellations can be made up until the time of payment with absolutely no penalty.


Cancellations may still be made after payment is received, up until the point of shipment, but a 15% restocking fee may be deducted from the total of the cancelled order.

Once an order has been shipped it may not be cancelled. 



Damaged items caused by shipment may be returned. Please notify us of any damaged goods within 3 days of the shipment received date  and we will ship new items immediately. 


Q: How do I place a wholesale order? 

A: There are a few ways you can order: 

Faire Wholesale is currently the easiest method. Shop direct with our shop by going to

Another route would be to look through our products under the products tab, or on Etsy and jot down the SKU's you're interested in. Send all wholesale inquiries and orders to, complete with:

  • Buyer's Name

  • Business Name

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number

  • Business Address

  • Shipping Address (if different than above)

  • Website (optional)

  • Social Media Handles (Optional - helps with promotion)


We'll review your information and product interests and reach out with an invoice for you to review, along any questions we might have.

Q: Do you offer your products on consignment? 

A: Consignment is offered on a case-by-case basis so please contact us and tell us about your shop and we would be happy to discuss it from there. 

Q: Do you offer exclusivity within a city? 

A: If you want to be the only shop in town carrying our products, talk to us. This may be an option depending on if we already have accounts in the area, the products you're interested in ordering, and how large of an area of exclusivity you're requesting. These are all factors we would need to consider before giving a definitive "yes" to this question.

Q: I have questions that aren't on your website.

A: Contact us! We have fairly quick turn around (within 24 hours) and would be happy to answer any questions you might have, even if you just need clarification about something already mentioned in our terms or FAQ.

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